What are some little known yet fantastic facts about dolphins?

Apr 1, 2019 | General Information

The folds in a person’s brain generally signify a high degree of intellect when compared to other life forms on the planet. The dolphin brain has even more folds and was present as such long before humans evolved to their current evolution on Earth.

Dolphins are always awake, at least partially. They allow only one side of their brain to sleep at a time while the other side maintains a peripheral awareness of its surroundings at the surface of the ocean.

The current record for a human to high-jump is just over 8 ft. Many dolphins can propel themselves over 20 ft. straight up from the surface of the ocean.

Sharks have a tremendous sense of smell and can sense the most minute traces of blood and fish entrails from hundreds of yards away. Dolphins have no sense of smell at all but do have the ability to taste.

A 250 lb. dolphin can eat 30 lbs. of fish a day without gaining weight.