What are the most unusual Oahu Activities and Oahu Tours?

Jul 1, 2020 | General Information

Yes there are literally hundreds of Oahu activities and Oahu tours that are available on the island. What many people don’t realize is that Oahu has some really unique tours that you simply wouldn’t expect.

Oahu is the most populated island in the Hawaiian chain and it is the most visited Hawaiian island for visitors on a holiday. Most people think of the activities available as being of the more traditional varieties. Certainly Oahu is known for its many luaus, it many snorkel tours, its big attractions like Pearl Harbor, Sea Life Park, Kualoa Ranch and the Polynesian Cultural Center, its fantastic helicopter rides and its spectacular dinner cruises. What most people don’t realize is that their are some really extraordinary, unusual, exciting and very very different types of tours that are found here as well. No, you don’t have to go to any more exotic island to partake in these unique adventures because they can be found right here on Oahu.

Check out these activities. They may not be for everyone, but some of you will know immediately, these tours are for you!

Swim with Wild Dolphins in the open ocean.
On Oahu’s western shoreline on the Waianae Coast live pods of dolphins by the hundreds. They have made this coastline their home and they hunt during the evenings and sleep and relax and play along the shorelines during the daytime. There are a number of boats that will take you out to view them and even to swim with them. It is a rare occasion when this does not happen on these trips and they are the highlight of any visit to Oahu for many visitors. Every precaution is taken to not interfere with their natural habitat but luckily for us they seem to enjoy these visits from humans and they will often frolic in the waters right beside you.

Glider Rides
Who has not dreamed of flying like a bird? This is your chance, right here on Oahu. On Oahu’s North Shore at the Dillingham Air Field you can make yourself comfortable in the cockpit of a two-person glider with an experienced pilot manning the controls in the seat behind you. Tethered by a long rope tied to a fixed wing power airplane, you will be towed to great heights along the famous Ko’olau Mountain range. When you have reached the optimum height you will be released from the tether and be left alone in space gliding quietly with only the sound of the breezes interrupting your silent adventure. Lofting on the gusts and thermals swirling among those mountain peaks you will glide up and down the coastline making turns and descents in the most gentle ways. After 20 minutes or perhaps a half-hour you will return to the airstrip below in a picture perfect landing that will have you lusting for another trip.

Shark Cage Adventures
The North Shore of Oahu is the only place you can experience the thrill of a Shark Cage Adventure. You will travel to the small port town of Hale’iwa and meet your shark boat. Traveling with perhaps eight other people you will be motored out about 3 miles off the coast to a place where you will see dozens of sharks swarming in the waters. A shark cage that was carried on the back of the boat will then be dropped in the water and two at a time you and your fellow adventurers will jump into the cage and be allowed to drift perhaps 30 ft behind the boat. While standing firmly on the bottom of this cage with four sides and a bottom with no top, you will be able to don a snorkel and mask and peek below the waterline within the safety of your cage. Outside you will see often 10, 12 or more giant sharks, some 12 or 14 ft in length swarming around as you view in astonishment. Cruising the sides of the cage just inches from where you are holding the bars you will be amazed by the spectacle and overwhelmed with sheer excitement.

Paddle a Kayak to another island!
Kayaking is an activity we offer on all the islands but Oahu is the only place where we can actually kayak to another island. This is because the Mokulua Islands can be found just one mile off the coast of Kailua on the eastern shore. These five hour excursions launch off the beautiful white sand beaches of Kailua and travel the distance to the ‘Mokes’ over shallow water just skimming a couple feet above the tops of enormous coral clusters. This colorful journey allows you to see reef fish in route as well. When you arrive on these tiniest of islands you will be able to hike the whole thing, which is a big treat because there is actually a windward side and a leeward side that has all the characteristics of the larger Hawaiian islands. The leeward side where you pull up your kayaks has a beautiful white sand beach and the windward side has cliffs and tide pools large enough to jump in for a bath.

Tour a famous outdoor Movie Set.
The picturesque Ka’a’awa Valley located on the beautiful eastern coast of Oahu is the location where many of your favorite Hollywood blockbusters were filmed. You will probably notice the familiar ridge lines of the primordial backdrop used in the filming of movies such as Jurassic Park, Godzilla, the Windtalkers, some Elvis classics, Mighty Joe Young, You Me and Dupree, Hawaii Five-O and the hit series Lost. A total of over 50 films were made here. You will be toured through the movie sets on a vintage school bus which adds an extra bit of fun to the whole experience.

Play Volleyball in the Middle of the Ocean.
This is clearly something you haven’t done before but you won’t be able to say that again after taking this exciting adventure. Actually it is an amazing snorkel adventure leaving from Oahu’s beautiful eastern coast that takes you to some of the most pristine snorkel location on the island. When you stop for lunch on a mid ocean ‘sand bar’ the fun really starts. The sand bar is just a couple of inches below the surface of the ocean and the captain and crew have erected a volley ball court on the bar itself. You will be able to play a few games as you are seemingly walking on the water. This makes for a very fun day.

Jet Lev
Ok. Who thought this one up? This is truly different. Don’t even think about doing this one if you don’t want to have your mind blown………..This will blow your mind! So, what are we talking about. Ok. You show up at the marina. You are given a short course on the do’s and don’ts. Then your taken to a staging area and you are attached to a jet pack (imagine traveling outside your ‘moon pod’ using bursts of acceleration). Using the extreme thrust of water powered through you ‘pac’ you are able to maneuver upward, sideways, and wherever in any direction at extreme speeds and hover above the surface of the water like a helicopter. It requires some getting used to but for those with an ‘above average’ level of coordination this will come natural to you in a matter of minutes. Fun, space age, high tech. All of the above. You can do this on Oahu and no where else in Hawaii.