What is the appeal of a Kauai ATV ride?

Sep 7, 2018 | General Information

To start with, let’s talk about where you will be going. This is not just some cruise along dirt roadways on the island but these are a trek into remote areas of the island that are private ranch lands that are not available to the general public. Thousands and thousands of acres that make up some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes of the island are laid out before you as you speed along on your ‘yellow brick road’ seemingly designed for an ATV adventure. You can race through farmlands, drive through tunnels, navigate ridges and make your way to hidden waterfalls. If you like getting off the beaten path. ATV rides on Kauai are for you. Add the thrill of riding an ATV often ‘flat out speeding’ in certain areas, and the ‘excitement factor’ also plays a part in the appeal. Even if you never had a desire to be a ‘Hells’s Angel’ or a ‘Mongul’ riding the streets in mass, it is an undeniable rush to roar your combined vehicle posse through the isolated and remote back roads of one of Hawaii’s most beautiful islands.


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