What is the Best Maui Luau?

Oct 7, 2020 | General Information

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We are staying in Kahana on Maui for the week of Jan 15/12 to Jan 22/12. I have been reviewing your site and will be doing some bookings over the next few days however I really want your advice on the best Luau to go to. There are 6 of us in our party. My wife and I have been to a few luaus over the years however our 4 friends have never been to Hawaii and we would like to ensure they have the best possible experience. Can you help and give us your recommendation please.

There are quite a few really good luaus on Maui but some may be better for you than others dependent upon a few of your preferences. Im going to assume that because you are staying in Kahana that you would prefer to attend a luau on the west side and there are some wonderful luau options here. Perhaps the single most respected luau in all of Hawaii is the Old Lahaina Luau. This luau deals in detail more than any other Hawaii luau with the culture of old Hawaii. The total focus here has to do with all things Hawaiian and this luau needs to be booked early because it often will book up in advance. In Lahaina as well is the Feast at Lele. The venue here allows for smaller groups and is very intimate. Each group, whether it be a couple or a larger group will have their own table seating and there is table service. If you like the notion of having your luau at one of the hotels in Kaanapali, certainly one of the very best is the Westin Wailele Luau. If you like youre luaus hot youll like this one because they feature four fire-knife dancers.