What is the best time of year and the best time of day to go on your Maui snorkel charter?

Nov 7, 2019 | General Information

Let’s start off with the obvious first. Absent hazardous conditions, an impending hurricane, an acute case of appendicitis or devastating news from the mainland that your goldfish has taken ill, you should go snorkeling at any time of year that you come to Hawaii. It will be a beautiful experience so long as it is a safe one.

Now, are there days that may be better and more enjoyable to snorkel? Certainly, and we will do our best to suggest the best times of the year to do so, and also the best times of the day to snorkel. But don’t forget the major assumption and credo that should be stamped on the forehead of anyone desiring to get into the water to snorkel. ‘If conditions are right, and safe, and you have the opportunity, just do it.’ You will have a blast!

Now that we’ve dealt with the ‘obvious’, there are indeed better times of the year to snorkel. Of course any time of the year can have just perfect conditions, but it is more likely that those better conditions will occur in the summer months (or late spring or early fall). These are the days in Hawaii that we generally have constant trade wind weather. What this means, is that the wind will come up in mid to late morning and will blow somewhat continuously through the afternoon. These winds will likely come from the North East and will have a ‘wrap-around’ effect as they are blocked by a particular island causing a ‘wind shade’ on the ocean which will later become white caps. If the ‘white cap’ part does not seem appealing for snorkeling, your right. So what that means is that, for the very best snorkeling you will want to get into the water as early to sunrise as you can. From that point until the trades fill it, it will be snorkeling nirvana.

How about the winter months? Well, depending upon what is happening with the weather, those days can be great too. The problem is that the winter months are often accompanied by what is called ‘Kona Weather’ where the wind essentially blows backwards (at least backwards from the trade winds) These Kona winds will often blow over areas that are protected in the summer months. Believe me, when you go out to snorkel in those conditions, it won’t look fun. And if it doesn’t, don’t go in the water.

So, as a general rule of thumb, here are your two axioms: The best times of year to come to Hawaii to snorkel are the late spring, summer and early fall months. The best time of day to go snorkeling is in the morning, the earlier the better. Both these axioms refer equally to Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island.