What makes Kauai Tours and Kauai Activities so Special?

Apr 7, 2022 | General Information

Kauai Tours and Kauai Activities are very different than those found on the other Hawaiian islands. The primary reason for this has to do with the geography of the island of Kauai. The unique geography of he island is what creates the ‘playing field’ for all the activities to operate upon. Because the Kauai landscape is so different, the tours offered here are different too.

Helicopter Tours
No island with the exception of Kauai has the famous ‘Napali Coast’. Located along the northern portion of the island, this 11 mile stretch of coastline is one of the very most beautiful in the world. ‘Hanging cliffs’ descend in many cases 3000′ straight down through the clouds to the dramatic shoreline below. Plants cling to the 90 degree precipices creating an emerald green curtain stitched with scores of waterfalls dropping hundreds of feet down to ocean side pools at sea level.
This coastline is inaccessible except by sea or by air and so these helicopter flights show you sights you could never see on your own. The ocean at Napali is calm in the summers and rugged in the winter time but any season works just fine in a helicopter where you can fly above the various boats, rafts and sea vessels which navigate this beautiful coast viewing the spectacle from the sea.

Kauai’s unique geography includes scenic inland waterways and rivers that provide the ultimate showcase for a leisurely and picturesque river excursion. No other Hawaiian Island has navigable rivers such as these and Kauai has a number of them. The eastern portion of the island is made up of what is referred to as an alluvial plain, which is essentially a fairly flat area which was created by deposits of soil washed from the giant mountains behind by incredible quantities of rainfall. These deposits have leveled their way out to the sea and provide an ideal area for slow, winding and meandering rivers to snake their way gently to the coast.
A more beautiful backdrop for a scenic kayak ride could not be invented. Each bend of these winding rivers will take you deeper and deeper into the jungle until they run their course and turn into smaller and smaller tributaries. Finally the navigable streams will end and you will be forced to ford your kayaks on the river banks and pursue the valley trails in search of waterfalls to swim in.

Water Sports
The amazing Napali Coastline also provides an attraction for all manner of water sports and excursions for those who can’t resist seeing the spectacle from the sea. Snorkeling excursions frequent this coastline in the summer months when the ocean is as calm as a lake and provides you with an opportunity to get up to the cliff line and snorkel at its base. Smaller vessels such as zodiacs and rafts can even navigate into the numerous coastal caves and through the magnificent sea arches. Sea kayak adventures can also navigate these caves even further into the darkness with the hollow sound of echos made by the splashing of the sea and the shimmering reflections of waves on the walls Scuba diving is a treat here as well and dolphin watching tours along this coastline will overload your senses with extremes of beauty and excitement as they race your boat for the sheer fun of the chase.
For those not interested in getting wet, this coastline also provides the ideal location for an unforgettable dinner cruise or sunset sail.

Sightseeing Excursions
Certainly the geography of the Kauai also plays a huge role in the sightseeing excursions available on the island. The Waimea Valley is also referred to as the ‘Grand Canyon’ of the Pacific and its colorful walls gorges and ridges provide a spectacle that begs not to be missed. The Wailua River cuts deep into the heart of the island and sightseeing tours can be taken to the point where it enters the sea and then you can board a river boat and wind your way upstream to Kauai’s famous fern grotto.
Not to be overshadowed, a visit to the magical land of Hanalei, which boarders the eastern end of the Napali Coast, will cast you into a dreamland of charm and beauty. Between the verdant mountainsides, the serpentine Hanalei River, the picturesque taro fields and the charming villages you are likely to see numerous waterfalls and if you look carefully, perhaps a unicorn.
It is true that all of the Hawaiian Islands are different and they all have their own unique qualities which have been bestowed upon them by the uniqueness of their geography. The activities and tours that exist on Kauai have been curated and developed as a direct result of the geography they have been presented with. This is truly an island to be enjoyed because of its many natural treasures.