What’s Maui’s #1 must see place?

May 7, 2021 | General Information

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What’s Maui’s #1 must see place? The following question was answered by Joy.

Where is the one place I should visit when I’m on Maui?

Only one place… How about East Maui?
On East Maui you will find both Hana and Haleakala. Both of these locations are not to be missed and very unique destinations. The road to Hana is a spectacular journey full of twists and turns, waterfalls, jungles and panoramic ocean views. The town of Hana offers a glimpse into the Hawaii of old. The journey can include hiking and waterfall swims if you choose.
Haleakala is a dormant 10,000 foot volcano. The road to the summit winds up through several climate zones with spectacular views of the island below. At the top of the mountain is the view into Haleakala crater with cinder cones painted by nature in gorgeous colors. The crater is home to unique animal and plant species not found anywhere else.
For a wonderful tour of the very remote areas around both Hana and Haleakala an East Maui helicopter flight is ideal. You’re able to see what would take more then 10 hours in a car in about 45 minutes!