Why are Fixed Wing Aircraft in Many Ways More Suitable for a tour of Molokai?

Mar 16, 2018 | General Information

When looking at taking an air tour on Maui you have a choice of a fixed wing aircraft or a helicopter. One immediate difference that you will notice is the price. Small planes are much less costly to maintain so the flights will be much less expensive.

Flights from Maui to Molokai focus on the spectacular cliffs on the North Shore of the island. The world’s tallest sea cliffs tower over the ocean at a height of almost 4000 feet. You can often see waterfalls cascading down the magnificent cliffs. This part of an air tour is best viewed from the left side of the aircraft on the approach and from the right side on your return. The flight will not enter the valleys of Molokai but will follow the path of the cliffs along the ocean. Because of this flight plan the advantage that a helicopter has in its ability to hover and make very tight turns is not required for the best viewing.