Will I Be Able To Swim With the Dolphins on Maui?

Mar 18, 2019 | General Information

Will I Be Able To Swim With the Dolphins on Maui? Answered By Tom Barefoot’s Tours.

There’s an ordinance in Maui that prohibits the boats from putting their guests into the water with the dolphins. That’s not saying that the dolphins don’t occasionally swim into the coves and bays that the snorkelers are already in, but it doesn’t happen often. I’ve been here almost 10 years and have been on a few hundred trips and have only had that encounter happen once. During the day, dolphins break up into smaller groups and come near shore to rest and play. They love to ride the wake of the boats, and frequently swim alongside within a few feet away. At the first sight of them, the energy level on the boat surges as delighted shouts from passengers pointing them out to others becomes the focus of excitement. Take any boat going to Kanaio Coast or over to Lanai and you will most certainly encounter the dolphins.