Will we be able to snorkel and see other fish and coral formations when we swim with the dolphins?

Jul 8, 2021 | General Information

When you go on a dolphin snorkel on Oahu, you will get able to see all sorts of fish, coral and other creatures on your tour. The typical trip will include 1 or 2 snorkel sites that they go visit routinely. The dolphin portion of the swim will be done sometime along the way, whenever a dolphin pod is sighted. The captain will attempt to position the boat in the path of the dolphin pod and stop the boat. The crew will help all the passengers quickly and quietly enter the water, where you will form into a “human pod” which will float at the surface of the water and observe the dolphins as the pass through the area. Sometimes they will choose to interact with the humans, and sometimes they don’t. If they do, it’s your lucky day!

The snorkeling in the area is spectacular, so you will also get to see many types of fish, coral and other sea creatures, and even get pictures with them!