Yes, ‘Shipwreck Beach’ on Lanai Comes Complete with its own Shipwreck

Feb 9, 2020 | General Information

There is something exciting about seeing a shipwreck. It’s intriguing and somehow mysterious. The huge tanker that is wrecked on the eastern coast of Lanai makes a visit there all that more exciting. What’s the name of this beach? You guessed it, ‘Shipwreck Beach’.

Shipwreck Beach has been the site of a number of fateful wrecks over the course of years. The island of Lanai at the point of the wreck is ringed by a long and continuous reef that extends some distance from the shore and boat captains not familiar with this coast can get too close and crash. A couple boats crashed here just two years apart in the 1820’s. The current occupant of the reef here is a WWll circa tanker built during the war and aside from its reputation of having shipwrecked into the reef it was actually brought to this place and scuttled as an inexpensive way of disposal.

This is a ship our lanai snorkel tours frequently pass as they explore the giant reefs in the area. The coral is beautiful here and quite often you can see the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and pods of dolphins who often patrol this coast.

Just across the eight mile Pailolo Channel you will find the island of Molokai and the view of Molokai from this location is one of the most beautiful vantage points. This beach can be reached by land as well as by ocean along a series of dirt roads that can be navigated by 4X4 vehicles. These can be rented in Lanai city and you can make a day excursion checking out this and other remote areas of the island. If snorkeling is your intention along this coastline your best bet is to snorkel on the ocean side of the reef when touring with one of our many snorkel cruises. The waters can be very shallow and the reef and rock outcroppings can be dangerous to travel over as you enter from the shoreline side so snorkeling from the beach is not advisable.