Do Maui Helicopter Tours Go to the Big Island Volcanoes?

May 15, 2020 | Activity Information

We will be staying on Maui in October but would like to see the live volcanoes on the Big Island. Is there a helicopter tour that will take us to see them?


There are no regularly scheduled helicopter tours that will take you from Maui to the Big Island. The cost for such a trip would in most cases be cost prohibitive. Private helicopter flights can always be arranged but would cost thousands of dollars. Another alternative however would be to take one of our fixed-wing airplane tours from Maui to the volcano area. These tours are a little over two hours in length and depart from either Kahului Airport or Kapalua Airport on Maui. This is a sensational option because you really get a first-hand view of the live volcano area, the lava flows, the vents, the lava tubes filled with lava and the discharge of lava into the ocean with the creation of the mammoth plumbs of smoke and steam that are generated. Each trip to the volcano is a different one as the eruptions vary from week to week, day to day and hour to hour. This particular eruption has been going on for about twenty years at this point however so you are likely to see amazing volcanic activity that would not be available to be seen, at most times, anywhere else on the planet.