Tom’s Tips – Big Island Dinner Cruise

Sep 11, 2021 | Activity Information

Well there is likely a reason you came to visit the Big Island instead of Honolulu, Waikiki or Maui. It very well may be that you wanted to spend some time in a place a bit more relaxed, not so busy, with less hub-bub and a bit more time to ‘get in touch’. Ask around, you’ll see that this is what has drawn many people over the years to the Big Island. Life slows down, there is less to do but in many cases the quality of the experiences in enhanced. This may very well be true of the dinner cruises. You will notice that there are many less of them than can be found on other islands. You won’t be holding a ticket in a big line at a pier where you’ll be entertained by hula dancers and the beat of drums as you prepare to board. What is more likely is that you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice and welcomed on the vessel. You’ll take a trip down a glorious coastline with lots to admire and you will be able to enjoy your time together on this beautiful island in a very meaningful way.