Tom’s Tips – Big Island Dolphin Swim

Feb 11, 2022 | Activity Information

If you’ve come to the Big Island to see the wild dolphins, you’ve come to the right place. This is ‘ground zero’ for dolphin watching in Hawaii, This is the ‘top of the line’. This is the ‘holy grail’. The Kona Coast of the Big Island is a very special place that dolphins have come to live. Much of the evening hours they spend hunting in the deep waters off the coast but in the morning time they are ‘chill’. Though they never fully fall asleep, they are definitely operating in a slower speed. They appear to be social and playful and at the same time very interested in their human visitors. And the amazing thing about the humans who come to visit is that they are ‘respectful’ too. Above all else they are both thankful for the opportunity to come visit these marvelous creatures in their normal environment but they have learned over the years to be so mindful as to not intrude on the secret life of the dolphins. If the dolphins come to play with the humans, it is because they want to. Perhaps the extreme sensitivities of these evolved species of dolphins have somehow rubbed off on the less evolved species of humans because they seem to connect here in the water off the Kona Coast as two elevated groups of beings who have been brought together through some type of cosmic inspiration. This may be unique on the planet because it does not seem to be the human’s basic ‘modus operandi’ to interact with other animal species in a manner of ‘live and let live’. But none the less, this phenomenon takes place on a daily basis of the coast of Kona. Boat captain humans bring tourist humans out to see and even swim with the dolphins and neither species encroaches upon the other. They enjoy each other with out talking or touching or feeding or acting aggressive or acting in any inappropriate way and when it is time, they simply part ways. The experience of these encounters with visitors of the human species is often a silent reverence which lingers with them for hours after the encounter. Meeting wild dolphins in the open ocean and swimming with them might just possibly infuse those humans with a greater sense of humanity. and this of course, is likely all orchestrated by the dolphins themselves. You should sign up for one of our dolphin tours. You just might see life in a different way.