Tom’s Tips – Big Island Excursions

Apr 11, 2020 | Activity Information

If your looking to take a sightseeing excursions in Hawaii, the Big Island is a great place to do it. The Big Island (and there is some question depending upon how you parse this) actually has 8 of the worlds 12 climatic zones all within the space of this single island. If you want to get cold or hot, find desert conditions or snow, permafrost or piping hot sand, this is the place to go. You will find incredible diversity in its 4000 plus square miles and you can travel to any one of these regions and back to your hotel within the course of a single day. Mind blowing as this may be, it is true. Take your pick of unusual things to see and do. Visit a green sand beach, take a coffee farm tour, see the stars from a telescope on Mauana Kea, visit a protected bird habitat, see the amazing Waipio Valley, visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or check out the botanical gardens. Cruise through the options we’ve listed below. You won’t be disappointed.

See the sunrise from the top of the tallest volcano on Earth.
Visit a coffee farm and see where the world famous Kona Coffee is grown.
Visit the Kohala region on the North coast which was home to Kamehameha 1st.
Explore the rich heritage of Hilo and its lush green landscape.
View the live volcano at sunset.
Visit four national park sites in one day.
Take an hour and a half tour into the spectacular Waipio Valley.
Visit a protected bird habitat and catch a glimpse of many endangered species.
Take a self guided tour in a beautiful botanical garden
Enjoy a tour into Volcanoes National Park after dark.
Take a guided jeep tour on a ‘lava crawl’.
Go to the magnificent Big Island Green Sand Beach.