Tom’s Tips – Big Island Sport Fishing

Mar 12, 2021 | Activity Information

OK. This is it. You’ve hit the bonanza. You wanted to go sport fishing and now your going to be on the Big Island. You simply can’t get any better than this. You are in fishing Nirvana.

Now its just a matter of picking the boat. And that part’s pretty easy too. The fact is there are almost too many fishing boats in Kona. Many of them are privately owned and are not for charter but so many of them are as well. This is such the ‘Reverse Catch 22’. There are so many fish off the coast of Kona. Because there are so many fish, there are so many boats that come here to fish. Because there are so many boats there are actually too many for the actual number of people who come here to pay for a charter boat. Because of the laws of market and demand, the pricing of these boats is often less than those in the lesser fishing locations in the state. The net result: You get the best fishing in the state for the best pricing. Pretty amazing yeah! We do have some favorite boats that continuously do well for us here. One of the things you should be looking for are boats that will take you on a private charter. The guys who fish this water are ‘by in large’ full on fisherman. They live to fish. They would rather not have to spend their time putting together one couple here and one person there to make a share charter. Many don’t even play that game. If you want to fish ‘lets go’, take the whole boat. It’s been our experience that your get the best engagement with the captain and the boat when you go out with a private charter no matter what the length. But you know what, you’re here now, so go for the gusto and take one of these beautiful charters out for a full day private. It will be a day well remembered.