Tom’s Tips – Hawaii Unique Activities

Oct 2, 2018 | Activity Information

Now we are getting into the fringe. Unique Activities. That does not seem like a normal heading for a category of things to do in Hawaii. Normal categories are more like snorkeling, luaus or helicopter rides. What in the world constitutes a ‘unique’ activity. Well, its an activity that’s on the fringe. Something that can’t be easily categorized. Something odd or unusual at most. If you are a person who can identify with the word ‘quirky’ or the phrase ‘off the beaten path’, perhaps you are in exactly the right spot. What we have listed here are the activities that a regular ‘stay within the lines’ person looking for an activity adventure would not think to look for. In fact, these are some tours that any normal person would not think to look for because they are so different that you would never even think to look for them. Peruse the choices. I guarantee that something will perk your interest!