Tom’s Tips – Kauai Dinner Cruises

Aug 31, 2018 | Activity Information

I’m a believer that if you are going to visit Kauai you must see the Na Pali Coastline. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful locations in all of Hawaii. Because it is so remote you will need to visit it in one of three ways: On an air tour like by helicopter or sightseeing airplane. On one of the many incredible snorkel tours that head out to this amazing coastline. Or on one of the great dinner cruises the visit this coastline for a memorable evening. All of these will be fantastic, but if you want to keep your expenses down and not get wet, your best bet is on a dinner cruise.

The Kauai dinner cruises are unique in so many ways. They generally last 4 hours instead of the normal 2 on other islands. They cruise along so many more miles of beautiful Kauai coastline before they even get to the NaPali Coast. They are almost always accompanied by dolphins in some stage of the journey. They are moderate in size and take no more than 49 passengers for a very intimate cruise experience.

Although dinner cruises to the NaPali Coast can occur at all times of the year, you are best off planning to do one in the late spring, summer and early fall months when the sea conditions along the coastline are more suitable. In the winter months most boats will turn to the southern coastline for the dinner cruises because of the more favorable conditions found there at that time of year. One of our boats, the ‘Leila’ with Holo Holo Charters even offers a special sightseeing visit before the dinner cruise to the National Tropical Botanical Gardens in Kalaheo and then travels along the south coast for the dinner experience.

As I am writing this in Mid May prior to the busy summer season the very first availability is not for about 6 days on any of the boats, which points to the popularity and desirability of these dinner cruises on Kauai. It doesn’t take long to fill up these medium sized vessels and unfortunately we speak to way to many people daily who are disappointed that they will not be able to go because they did not realize they had to plan ahead.