Tom’s Tips – Kauai Dolphin Tours

Aug 31, 2018 | Activity Information

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Although it is not a general practice to swim with dolphins on Kauai, it is the island that you can most readily see them from your ocean going vessels. This seems to be true for virtually any type of boat outing you are on. You might be on a whale watch, a snorkeling tour, a sunset sail, a dinner cruise, a diving charter or out for an afternoon sail, and you are extremely likely to run into pods of dolphins. They are very social and seem to be happy to be in the presence of humans. They will typically enjoy racing boats in the wake of the bow as it cuts through the ocean and in many cases they can be seen surrounding the whole boat all at the same time. There are no specific dolphin tours that are offered but you will probably see them nonetheless on almost any tour that takes you on the waters surrounding Kauai.