Tom’s Tips – Kauai Excursions

Aug 31, 2017 | Activity Information

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There is no way you could possibly visit Kauai and not want to venture out and see the scenery of this beautiful island. In fact many would suggest that this is the very most beautiful Hawaiian Island of all. If you don’t have a rental car, of if you prefer to be taken to some amazing locations by a professional tour guide, we have many sightseeing opportunities available for you. Tours that will take you to see the Waimea Canyon, Hanalei the Wailua River and many more. One of the great things about Kauai however is that there are so many different tours that are not ‘traditional’ in nature, and in fact are ‘one off’s’ in the sense that these types of tours are not found on other islands.

One very different option is to take one of the tours offered by a company called Kauai Photo Tours. They will offer up an opportunity to not only visit some of the most beautiful sights but also take home some of these memories in the form of photographs that you yourself will take. They offer all sorts of camera equipment and lenses for you but the beauty of these tours is that you really don’t need any of that. You can just bring your smart phone camera. As you know these cameras made today are so amazing that the photos taken with them can rival even those taken by the most expensive equipment and by the best photographers. The whole point of these tours is to get you off into perhaps 9 or 12 special photo locations that you likely would not have found yourself and take some really intimate photos of special waterfalls, forests, coastal scenes or whatever. These people are specialists and they will be able to give you valuable tips on how best to frame your shots and make the best use of available light and many other factors. This is not a camera clinic, it is designed to simply be a tour that will take you to unbelievably beautiful spots for a few minutes and give you a chance to take some wonderful photographs and then your off to a new area. This is a wonderful way to visit the island.

Another great way to see the island in a very different way is by taking one of Polynesian Adventures special Movie Tours. These are really different. These trips are taken in a specially outfitted van that has a large TV monitor mounted in the very front for all to see. The driver will then take you to a series of beautiful locations that were used in the making of many of the movies that you have seen over the years. They will pull up to the areas where the movies were filmed and then play these famous movie scenes on the monitor while you you look out the window of the van and see that exact scene, as it appears today, in real life. This is a totally unique way to tour the island and is a fun way to see the same sights you would see on a more traditional tour but in this very fun way. If you are a movie buff you will have even that more reason to take this tour. Some of the movie locations that are highlighted are scenes from: South Pacific, Jurassic Park, Donovan’s Reef, Six Days and Seven Nights, Raiders of the Lost Arc and more.