Tom’s Tips – Kauai Kayak Tours

Oct 31, 2019 | Activity Information

Kayaking tours on Kauai are hugely popular. Since Kauai is the only Hawaiian Island with navigable rivers into it interior, it is easy to see why. What many people don’t immediately understand about the nature of these rivers is that they are more like the surface of a lake than what many people picture as a river. No rapids here. These rivers are often so glass-like that you could water ski on them, and people do. The surface is so calm that it makes the paddle a breeze and what makes it even easier is that most of the kayaks are two person kayaks so you can both work at paddling, and occasionally (this has happened to me) one person can serve as the motor while the other takes pictures, sings songs, recalls old memories and is generally speaking, along for the ride in style.

One of the things I love about these river trips the most is that they tend to send you into a time-warp trance after you pass the first bend in the river. Looking back you can no longer see the dock you left from or cars in the parking lot where you left your vehicle. In fact the only thing you see both up and down the wide river are jungle edges, river water and blue sky. You could be anywhere, or at least you could be in Bolivia or in the heart of Brazil. Time falls away as you gently paddle your kayak through this fairyland time-warp into a peaceful and timeless world you went on vacation to enter.


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