Tom’s Tips – Kauai Snorkeling Tours

Oct 31, 2017 | Activity Information

As is true of all the Hawaiian Islands, the activity of snorkeling is the very most popular. The ocean waters surrounding Kauai are healthy and fertile and there is much in the way of marine life to be observed. The neighboring island of Niihau is also a part of Kauai County and the pristine waters found there also offer up a bounty of sea life.

Dependent upon the time of year, the places you will find yourself snorkeling will be different. Summertime is spectacular for snorkeling along the remote areas of the Napali Coast. The ocean is often flat at this time of the year and many of the small and moderate sized boats can maneuver inside the scores of caves and land bridges that can be found on the coastline. Reef and fish are abundant in this area. Even kayak tours that take advantage of these calm conditions find remarkable snorkeling opportunities in the areas they can squeeze in because of their size.

The winter time finds the best snorkel conditions on the South side of the island such as off the Poipu area. This area is also loaded with marine life and the areas to explore are numerous. These tours, as well as the ones operated in the summer months, often find themselves accompanied by dolphins who seem to enjoy following the various boats just for the sport of it. You can even find snorkel tours that will take you to beautiful snorkel locations that are located directly off the coast and you don’t even need a boat to get to these spots. These companies will take you in a van to one of these areas to snorkel. Some people appreciate the ease of walking into the ocean to snorkel from the beach rather than jumping into water over your head from a boat.

Please keep in mind that snorkeling in the waters of Kauai can be dangerous. It is for this reason that we advise that you do your snorkeling with people who know what to expect and can provide you their local knowledge of the unique conditions that can be found here. Most of the people who do get in trouble with Kauai waters are those who go the various beaches on their own and soon find out that they made the wrong decision because they were simply unaware of the dangers. The snorkeling in Kauai is spectacular and we want you to be able to enjoy every bit of it.


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