Tom’s Tips – Kids Tours on Oahu

Dec 31, 2018 | Activity Information

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Vacation times are very special for children. As you know they dwell on the topic of their upcoming vacation for weeks prior and their anticipation provides almost as much fun for them in a virtual sense as the actual vacation. Their are many tours they can participate in on Oahu but my personal preference would be to take them on activities that would accomplish two goals: First, the activities chosen would involve both the parents and the children at the same time, and secondly that the activity in addition to being tons of fun would also include some sort of educational or learning component. I think that it is often so difficult in this modern day and age to find quality time to spend between parents and children. When the two do have time to be together both children and adults often find ways intentional or not, to veer off into a cyberspace device and subsequently miss the moment. Vacations are that special time when patterns routed in normal life can be broken and a new paradigm can be established at least during that period of time. Doing something wholeheartedly with your children is a wonderful thing and if at the same time you may be passing on to them some type of skill or some education that might have a positive effect on their lives in the future, all the better.

One of the great activities is to take a surf lesson with the parent along for the lesson as well. Children have a tremendous capability to learn this sport at an early age and I think their lower center of gravity assists them somewhat in developing this skill. They will all want to do it, and they will have a great time while learning.

If its whale season when you come, this is a ‘no brainer’. They will learn a lot at the same time by developing a unique connection to the marine world. Tours like the submarine and glass-bottom boat will also immerse them in an underwater world that they will likely not be able to experience back at home.

Taking a first horseback ride is also a major life event for a youngster. If your child is 7 years or older a tour we highly recommend would be with ‘Happy Trails’ horseback riding. This is a great place to experience riding for the first time and this particular ranch will allow your children to ride on the horse by themselves. Of course all instruction is included.