Tom’s Tips – Maui Fishing Charters

Mar 31, 2021 | Activity Information

Here’s the big take away you should have regarding Maui Fishing Charters. Book your tours early. These are often one of the most difficult tours on Maui to book. This is not only because they are very popular tours but also because of the way they are booked.

If you are signing up for a luau or a dinner cruise it is fairly straight forward, we just see if there is availability and if so we make your booking. It’s a little different with fishing charters. First of all they only can take a small amount of people, usually 6. The charters offered for a single boat are varied as well. It could be a 4,6 or 8 hour tour, and it could be a share tour when you are out with other people who are signing up or it could be a private exclusive to your party.

So here’s the level of complexity that occurs when you give us a call or place an order for a party of 2 looking for a share boat for 4 hours on a particular day. Not only do we have to find the boat open for a particular day but we have to find the specific 4 hour tour for you. There very well may be room but it may already be established as an 8 hour tour. It may already be booked totally or there is even the possibility that it is not booked at all, but the boat requires a minimum of 4 passengers to even confirm the charter. All this leads to say that the earlier you can give us your fishing date, the better chance we have to arrange it for you.

Incidentally, in the case above where you are looking for a share boat for a particular period of time and it is not booked at all, you might want to consider booking all 4 seats to confirm the charter so you will know that you can count on going. If we get another party of two we could refund you the two seats you did not care to pay for but in the worst case scenario, if no one else booked the tour whatsoever you would be able to have a complete private charter for the lesser price of 4 share tickets. You could also wait until just before the cancellation period of 48 hours and cancel your tickets and only be docked a 3% cancellation fee.