Tom’s Tips – Maui Helicopter Tours

May 31, 2022 | Activity Information

So, Maui Helicopter tours are not for everyone. That’s mostly because they are about the most expensive tours we offer on Maui. Given that however it is still the third biggest category of tours we sell, at least in terms of total volume. This obviously indicates that these tours are a desired commodity, and they should be.

We’re always suggesting to clients when they give us a laundry list of tours they want us to book that we try to fit their helicopter flight right up in the first few days of their stay. If its your first time here, or even your second or third time, and you haven’t seen Maui from above, I promise you, you are not getting the big picture. The island is so varied and different with so many climatic zones and changes that are happening literally right next to each other as the island makes one of its many bends and turns. The wind patterns are so similar and redundant that one parcel of land may receive 75″ of rainfall and just a quarter of a mile away at the turn of an island ridge or valley it may be reduced to just 25″ a year. The same variations will occur do to height as you travel from sea level up to 10,000′. The conditions on the ground change as a result of the climate and the earth is covered by different and diverse foliage. All of this is so noticeable from the air but can’t be seen from the ground. This is why we say, you don’t get it, until you get up in the air in a helicopter.

Regarding price, if we can get you the best price we will. We know these are expensive and we will help you out the best we can. You might start by just price shopping us and if we are not the best price already we will try to be if you will just let us know.