Tom’s Tips – Maui Hiking Tours

May 31, 2021 | Activity Information

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We try to encourage people to get out and do a hike if it is within their physical capabilities. Seeing Maui from the side of the road is certainly a good thing but actually getting out there in the middle of a rain forest, at a jungle waterfall, walking the moonscape of Haleakala Crater or rappelling down the center of a mountain waterfall will have a way of opening you up deep inside to the vibrancy that is Maui. When you hike the island it is not a casual relationship, you are bonding with Maui, bonding with nature.

We offer a number of great guides on the island that will make your hiking experience the best it can be. Not only do they know where to take you but they know the warning signs for problems that can happen on these outings. If you would live here for any length of time you would know how frequent it is that a visitor has had to be rescued from a remote hiking adventure because they were lured into believing that everything was just fine. They may not have noticed that clouds were building way up in the distance on the mountain when the area they were enjoying was still very sunny and beautiful. Their first notice of change may come with a slight increase of a waterfall from a dribble to more volume and within 2 minutes it could be an impassible raging current that may take hours or even days to recede. Falling from a trails is also an easy possibility (as I sit here writing this now police and island residents are searching for a beautiful island woman who is known by my wife who was presumed to have possibly fallen from a trail during a daily run she takes in one of the forest reserves).

So the long and short of it is that you should try to get out and enjoy some of the nature that Maui truly has to offer. If you are not familiar with the island, please do it with a guide and in addition to the fresh air and exercise you will also learn quite a bit about the island plants, animals, insects and geography at the same time.