Tom’s Tips – Maui Inter Island Tours

May 31, 2017 | Activity Information

Its not a bad idea when you come to visit Maui, particularly if it is your first of second time, to expand your investigation of the Hawaiian Islands by taking advantage of one or more of the one-day inter island tours that are available to you. This will give you the capability of establishing your home base on Maui, and at the same time spread out and see what the other islands have to offer. You can do these one day trips to virtually any of the other islands but the ones we see most from Maui are the one day tours to see Pearl Harbor.

Any of the one day tours that go to any of the islands other than to Lanai or Molokai from Maui are going to be using a large inter-island carrier like Hawaiian Airlines. These specific one-day tours are very different than any other tours we offer in a couple of different ways. First off, the tour prices may vary from the base price of the tour. The airlines will charge an additional fee if the flights get full with people. We absolutely never know what these over charges will be, if anything, until we actually call to make your reservation. We will of course contact you before we make a booking if there is an overcharge fee. Secondly, these tours, once purchased are non-refundable. This is different than any other tour we offer which only become non refundable within whatever the length of time is of the cancellation period. Thirdly, we will need the exact names of each participant exactly as it appears on the ID they will be using including any middle initials and exact spelling. They also require the exact birth date of each of the persons traveling .

Well, that sounds like a lot of bother, and believe me it is for both you and us, but in the long run it is probably all worth the hassle because this will allow you to go visit Pearl Harbor, or the other islands, without having to go through the even bigger hassle of moving your base of operations ‘lock, stock and barrel’ over to that other island. Taking one of these tours will save you both time and money.