Tom’s Tips – Maui Kayak Tours

Jul 31, 2021 | Activity Information

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A lot of people prefer snorkeling from a kayak rather than from a boat. I think I might be one of them. There is something perhaps a bit more pure about snorkeling from a kayak. First of all there are no motors to smell or see anywhere in your surroundings. Kayaks are the great green machine only powered by oars and muscle. Zero pollution either by noise or otherwise. Secondly, you can paddle right over to, or near, the area you want to snorkel. When you slip into the water, there you are. Third, your paddle into your target snorkel area is somewhat ‘stealth’. You are not causing a ruckus to scare away the sea life. The whole operations seems a bit more peaceful and serene.

Most of the kayak tours we offer will take you out beyond the reef to the other side of the reef, which is where you will find the bulk of the sea life. Depending upon the specific tour you will have the capability of usually swimming at a couple different locations.

Although there are a number of great locations to kayak on Maui perhaps my favorite is off the coast of Wailea or Makena. You will see plenty of fish, coral formations and turtles. Dolphins can also rarely be in the mix and during whale season you might be lucky enough to see whales in the distance as well (and also hear them from underwater when you jump in to snorkel). My best advice would be to take the very earliest tour you can. This area is usually very calm in the early morning hours but usually as the morning gets later the wind will begin to fill in and it may become somewhat choppy and less easy to actually kayak. The earlier the better.