Tom’s Tips – Oahu ATV

Apr 5, 2021 | Activity Information

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There is a bit of confusion that often occurs regarding the ATV rides at Kualoa Ranch. Here’s an attempt to clarify: There are three ways you can do an off-road adventure at Kualoa. First you can do a solo ride on one of their ATV vehicles that only have room for a single driver and that’s it. These are all 1 hour rides. Secondly, you can choose to take a ride on a 4 X 4 Raptor UTV and these can be either a 1 hour or a 2 hour ride. These vehicles will take as many as 5 adults or 5 adults and one small child. One person in your party will be the driver. The 2 hour tour will get you deeper into the valley and see more of the remote beauty of the area. The adventure package is actually three tours in one. It includes a jungle tour where you will ride in a 6-wheel drive Pinzgauer vehicle and also an ocean voyage experience just off the coast of Kualoa. In addition you will be doing a 1 hour solo ATV ride through the valley.

Please understand that these ATV Tours are among the most popular tours available on the island. They are often booked weeks in advance so please make your arrangement early. One thing we have observed that some of our clients have been able to take advantage of is that it is much easier to arrange one of the adventure packages which do include a 1 hour ATV ride. Whereas the regular ATV ride might be sold out, the adventure package including the ATV may be available for that same date. So you might want to consider doing a couple other fun activities at Kualoa in order to be able to have your solo ATV experience.