Tom’s Tips – Oahu Snorkeling Tours

Aug 5, 2021 | Activity Information

Oahu snorkeling tours, just like those found on the other Hawaiian Islands, are the most popular activity on the island. There are some differences regarding the snorkel tours on Oahu however. Many of the snorkel trips found here are not exclusively snorkel tours that are designed to visit the beautiful reefs and see the colorful fish but are included with a water activity fulfilling a separate purpose. Primary among them are the snorkel tours that set out for the purpose of finding and swimming with the dolphins. You will be in the water snorkeling with the dolphins but also at some point during your trip you will generally be taken to another area simply to snorkel over the reef.

A similar case could be made for the kayak tours that have as a primary goal, paddling out to visit the Mokulua Islands but also spend quality time snorkeling in the massive coral beds found in the shallow channel between Kailua, Lani Kai Beach and the islands themselves. In the neighboring area of Kaneohe the fabulous tours like Captain Bob’s that take you out to jump onto the amazing mid-ocean sand bars also include fantastic snorkeling along the pristine and protected Kaneohe Bay.

Yet another example of multipurpose snorkel excursions are the adventurous shark cage tours where you will find yourselves in full snorkel array behind the confines of a strong metal cage as you watch the parade of visiting sharks passing just feet from your position. We also of course offer the shark tours where you actually snorkel without the benefit of a cage in the open ocean with sharks and dolphins on the Pelagic Dive Tour.