Tom’s Tips – Oahu Surfing Lessons

Aug 5, 2018 | Activity Information

Surf lessons on Oahu are divided into three parts: traditional surfing lessons, stand up paddling surfing lessons (SUP) and kite boarding lessons. In large part because of the longstanding tradition of the surfing culture on Oahu, all of these forms of surfing are popular here. Also, simply because there are more people visiting Oahu than any other Hawaiian Island, it is extremely popular.

Although the North Shore is the portion of Oahu that is so famous for surfing, this is not the most popular area to teach surfing. The better locations are generally the spots along the South Shore near Waikiki where you will find the small yet consistent surf breaks that are ideal for teaching and learning the sport. The flat areas off the coast of Waikiki and surrounding areas are also ideal for SUP which is better done in spots that have no waves at all. This however is also done on the Kailua coast about 30 minutes from Waikiki where the conditions are excellent as well. The Kite boarding is almost exclusively taught in the Kailua area where you will be able to find the kind of breezes necessary to set these aloft.

You will have an opportunity to choose either a group lesson, a private or a semi-private lesson at most surf schools. Obviously the group lessons will be the least expensive but if you are seriously wanting to learn the sport properly, or are wanting your children to, you will almost always make the greatest strides when you are going out just by yourself or with one other person. Although the surfing instructors are good, they just can’t keep a proper eye on everyone’s progress nor are they able to give the necessary encouragement to each individual in a group lessons that is so necessary in providing the best results, particularly when teaching children.


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