Tom’s Tips – Oahu Zipline Tours

Sep 5, 2020 | Activity Information

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This has always seemed odd to me. Oahu is undoubtedly the most popular island based upon visitor count. It has so many different luaus, snorkeling tours and ocean activities. Oahu however, was the very last island in Hawaii to have a zipline course. Here was one of the hottest tickets in all of Hawaii and the only island without one was the one that had the most visitors. I never understood that but sometimes things just ‘are what they are’. Finally two great courses made their appearance on the island: the Climb Works Zipline on the extreme North Shore and the beautiful zipline that cruises through the trees at Kualoa Ranch.

Now that Oahu does have some zipline courses, of course they are often very difficult to get on as they are booked well in advance. Of the two we generally have a bit more luck arranging a tour for you on the Climb Works Zipline primarily because you have to make the effort to drive all the way to the far North Shore to take it. If you don’t mind the drive (which is beautiful), you will absolutely love the zipping here. The first part will be leaving from their check-in station in a multi-person ATV vehicle all the way up into the mountains to the first zipline and from there you will be zipping down one zipline after the next all the way back to where you started. The extra bonus on this zipline is that you will be zipping over a state of the art tropical farming operation.

If you are able to give us enough advance notice you will definitely enjoy the zipline adventure at the Kualoa Ranch. This of course will be a zipline course through the tree tops of the famous Ka’a’awa Valley which is the spot you will undoubtedly recognize as the scene of many of the movie spectacular’s you have seen on the ‘big screen’ over the course of years. You will definitely enjoy this zipline but please give us enough advance notice to make certain we can get you a spot.