Tours and Activities are now as important in the ‘Travel World’ as accommodations and air flights!

Dec 5, 2021 | Activity Information

Tours & activities account for about 10% of global travel spending annually. Increasingly travelers around the world and in Hawaii are seeking out activities and tours that exactly fit the experiences that they want, their values, physical capabilities, and other personal needs and preferences. Most of these activities and tours in Hawaii and elsewhere are provided by small vendors that don’t advertise and don’t have name or brand recognition. Most of the 1600+ activities and tours provided by Tom Barefoot’s Tours fit this description. After 45 years in the business in Hawaii, we know these vendors intimately because we’ve worked with them for years, sometimes decades. For activity and tour vendors in Hawaii that have proven their high quality and reliability, Tom Barefoot’s Tours provides a high-tech platform that enables Hawaii’s activity vendors to reach travelers and travelers to find these vendors and make informed choices with the least waste of time.