Traditional Maui Zipline or a Tree-Top? Tom Barefoot’s Tours

Dec 5, 2020 | Activity Information

What is the difference between a traditional Maui Zipline Course and a Canopy Maui Zipline Course?
The island of Maui offers two different kinds of zipline course:
Traditional Zipline Course
Tree-Top Canopy Course
The vast majority of Maui Zipline Courses will be laid out in the traditional style. Essentially this means that you will be zipping between platforms that are anchored in the ground. You may be traversing a valley, a canyon or making a large descent down a slope from one starting platform that is higher than a receiving platform. Typically these traditional zipline courses will provide you with the most speed, fly higher from the ground and be longer in duration.
The Tree-Top Canopy Course is one that allows you to fly between the tree-tops in a forest. You will initially start by climbing to a platform in a tree and from here you will zip to another platform in another tree in the forest. Once you are in the tree tops of the forest you will stay there traveling between platforms until the course comes to an end. You may often be somewhere between 50 and 80 feet in the air. As you move along the course you are being continuously secured to a safety line, even when you are just standing on a platform waiting for your turn to go.