Travel Blog #186 – Feast at Lele with Tami

Nov 2, 2019 | Activity Information

I have been to a lot of Luaus, but none like the Feast at Lele. Most luaus have the same basic flow pattern. You enter, get seated and wait to be dismissed for your buffet dinner before the show starts. I knew going in, that the Feast at Lele was different in this regard, but had no idea how phenomenal my experience was about to be. Upon entering, we were greeted with fresh orchid leis and immediately shown to the bar area for our complimentary welcome drinks. From there we were brought to our table. Unlike other luaus where you are seated at a large table with a bunch of other people, here we were shown to our own private table for two.

There were already pupus (appetizers) waiting for us when we sat and our table host went right into showing us the menu and drink options. After a brief rundown of how the night was going to progress, we were brought our first round of drinks and the entertainment began.

The Feast at Lele takes you on a journey through several of the Polynesian cultures. According to information from the G adventures
, Not only do you get to experience the native dances of Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Samoa, but you also get to experience the amazing food that compliments each culture. The food is hands down amazing.

The entertainment is broken into parts, allowing time in between for each new course to be delivered to the tables. The wait staff takes the time to explain what everything is and is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Once the guests have been served their next course, the entertainment resumes taking you to the next culture.

The view and beach side setting provides the perfect backdrop to take in, while you enjoy some of the best food you will have while visiting Maui. The staff was delightful and the overall experience was top notch. I highly recommend the Feast at Lele, whether you have been to one luau or all of the luaus…This is one that you would want to experience repeatedly.
P.S. Save room for dessert!!!!