Unique Tours on the island of Maui

Oct 1, 2019 | Activity Information

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Every Hawaiian island is unique and very different from the others. Partly because of these differences, each island in Hawaii offers special and unusual activities and tours. The number and variety of these activities and tour choices can be mind-boggling. Couples, families or anyone planning a vacation in Hawaii have a lot of homework to do figuring out which activity or tour works best for their interests, capabilities, pocketbooks and needs.

Maui wins the prize for the most activities and tours on any island in Hawaii. Maui’s geography and nature’s blessings provide a marvelous variety of scenic areas to explore and experience. Activities and tours in every part of Maui enable visitors to take full advantage of the island’s natural attractions.
Maui also is the hub for inter-island touring. Maui’s Kapalua Airport has flights to Molokai to experience Father Damien’s Kalaupapa leper colony and also an air tour of Maui. Maui’s Lahaina is the place to take cross-channel trips to Lanai for snorkeling and perhaps a land tour or board a submarine to explore the ocean’s depths. The coast off Lanai boasts of some of the best snorkeling and dolphin watching in the state and also the largest continuous reef in Hawaii.

Even Humpback Whales have decided to vacation around Maui in the winter. The waters between Maui, Lanai, Molokai and Kahoolawe are relatively shallow. That creates a perfect location for Humpback Whales to calve and procreate. They visit regularly every winter.

Most people have heard about these Humpback Whales so they don’t need much publicity. For everything else unusual on or around Maui, our website and staff, located on Maui, try to make everyone’s research and vacation decisions much easier. The website includes both long and short lists of unusual things to do on and over Maui and around its shores.
For example, Maui has two large volcanoes connected by a large valley between them. The largest of the two, Mount Haleakala, rises to a height of over 10,000 feet. At the summit a huge volcanic crater, 21 miles in circumference, descends 3000 feet. Hikes into the crater are unforgettable. Most people have heard about downhill bike tours on the slopes of Haleakala. But these slopes above the town of Makawao also include a working cattle ranch. In addition to horseback riding through beautiful meadowland, the ranch provides a zip-line course. Visitors can combine a visit to Haleakala, scenic sightseeing, perhaps a hike into the crater or horseback riding and an exciting zip-line experience.

Most people have heard about the famous road to Hana and its gorgeous coastline. Less well-known are helicopter excursions that, weather permitting, combine visits to Haleakala’s magnificent crater and tours of Hana, the Pools of ‘Ohe’o and fabulous coastline waterfalls.

Maui’s mix of cultures and ethnicities is not unique or exceptional in Hawaii. Of course people from China, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Mexico and many other countries brought their special foods and eateries to Hawaii. Maui is fortunate to have an abundance of these eateries and food tours that visit them in Old Wailuku and Kahului.

Food tours are enjoyable for almost everyone. Hunting tours for small groups in back-country Maui are not. In these tours hunting wild boar the actual kill is handled by the hunter using a knife. Axis deer and wild goats are hunted with rifles. All of these wild animals are damaging the island’s vegetation. Hunting tours involve a fair bit of hiking and walking, some up into gorges and valleys. So hunting tours provide exercise as well as excitement. Less exciting but still challenging, visitors can shoot sporting clays that mimic the flight of game birds. The sporting clay course is located in an extinct cinder cone, which make the whole experience unique.